New Years Baby

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Nov 2, 2006
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We had a New Years Baby last night. My daughter's show heifer (black crossbred by Bold Statement) had a nice black baldy bull calf. She wasn't due till the 8th but our good ol' Mac (polled Herf) bull has a short gestation and they are usually a week early.
i had one new years day, black mottly faced heifer.last fall cow, she was way over due.
went out today and had another black white faced heifer,first spring group. the one todays momma didn't have a calf in 2008, she had a calf jan 2007, dec 2007 and jan 2009. she went 12 days over her due date(12/21).she is my favorite cow she is 12 years old never misses and has had almost all bulls her only other heifer will have her first calf in feb.
I took pics, but for some reason can't get them on here. They are on if you care... I'll try again later.
Is this the one?


I sure like baldies :)
Yes, that's the one. It said it couldn't read the dimensions of the pic. Whatever...
Thanks Donna!
LoveMoo11":2neq5hsc said:
funky 4-Her":2neq5hsc said:
What are you gonna name her? Could I suggest 'Hangover'... with the season and all. lol
:lol: good suggestion

My daughter is a big Harry Potter fan. Thus this bull is named James, as in James Potter. If it had been a heifer it would have been Lily Potter.

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