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Nov 16, 2012
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Europe, Lithuania
Finally the new calving season started and have new calves. The 1st calf of the year was born last week, but unfortunately have lost him. However have a new bull calf born tonight. He's Limousine sired out of 1/4x (Angus, BB, Salers, dairy) 6th calver. He's a pretty big boy, ~120lbs or so. Cow calved on her own. He's already showing serious muscles, so can't await to see him growing.

Other cows are preparing to calve too. The one which had a huge calf last year also is near. However the most exciting thing is that two heifers incalf to our new Limousine bull are near too. Hopefully they'll calve in a couple weeks.
Thank you! He really should be a good one. From what I see he could be more muscled than his two full sisters. Here are photos of both. The first one hopefully is already incalf to Limousine and will calve in august.

Those are some really nice looking heifers and pastures! If he is more muscled then the the 2nd sister he'll be a big boy!
frieghttrain":2v9zabl8 said:
Those are some really nice looking heifers and pastures! If he is more muscled then the the 2nd sister he'll be a big boy!
Thanks. The 1st heifer was born at ~110lbs weight, was pretty meaty and thick. The 2nd was born pretty slim ~90lbs weight, but started filling since the first day. Unfortunately won't be able to keep the 2nd heifer as replacement, as she has injured her rear leg.
Nice.. those are some nice butts! It's another 2 months before I have calves.. it's currently -23C here.. they might as well hold them in a while!
Thnak you. It was -26C last week, now +1 at the day time. :) One cow will be on her 285th day tomorrow, but she should calve only next week. Two heifers probably were bred abit later, so will need to wait for a month or so, but a few other cows are already bagging up. Should start calving in a full speed.
Had a bull calf born yesterday. 113lbs, 286days gestation. Last year she had 154lbs bull calf without problems, and she herself is probably around 1900lbs, so she would have calved very easily, however watched her for almost 20hours since the very beggining and no progress. Checked her and first was coming calf's tail, raer legs were under him. Tried to pull legs out, but during almost 13years we've cattle we'd no wrong possitioned calves, so no practice. Had to call for a vet. Our vet didn't come, so called for another. That one was working in another farm and it'd have took some time, for him to come, so he said to try to call for another vet. Have called to a women vet and she arrived, but cow was pushing all the time, so we needed somebody stronger. Luckily the second vet was able to come and hepulled out both legs in less than a minute. Last autumn we've bought a calving jack, so it was a first time we were able to use it. Luckily both cow and calf are okay.
Will post some photos later as now needs to charge photo camera.
Some photos of the youngest boy.



Previous boy shaping up nicely. Only one week old.

Have new calves already. One was born three days ago, bull calf, 98lbs, 285days gestation. Don't have a good photo of him. He's the one on the left. Other calf is the one which went backward.

Another bull calf was born yesterday. Out of Angusxdairy cow, abit over 100lbs.


Today had one cow calving too. She had twin heifers, 70,5 and 75lbs, 280days gestation, 2nd calver. Both calves were coming almost at the same time, so had some trouble to pull the first calf out. The first calf is smaller and abit weaker, probably because that she was stuck halfway for awhile. Second heifer is very strong, nursing herself and already running around. It's the first time we've twin heifers, only had twin bulls or heifer with bull.
Kenany Farm":2b6ilbcz said:
how is the twin doing?
Unfortunately lost the weaker one. Once we pulled her out she was halfway gone, but managed to bring her back, however she was weak. We gave her colostrum yesterday, but she died this night. Fortunately atleast one calf is left for the cow.

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