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I have just started in the cattle business and I have a lot of questions. I have registered Angus cattle and I want to know what I need. What are the necessities? Do I need scales, head catch, squeeze chute, etc.? Where is a good place to buy these items? Sorry for all of the questions. Thanks for the help.
You will need a head catch at the very minimum. It can either be at the end of a chute (narrow wooden or steel alley) or it can have a gate hinged next to it where you tie the gate over when the animal is caught. This is only practical for hatler broke or very tame animals.

A squeeze chute is more expensive but is safer on you and the animal for things like branding cows or anything that might make a cow jump around alot.

Scales will be necessary once you get into performance testing, but for a few head you can usually borrow a scale or take them to one somewhere in the area.

Most feed stores will have some equpiment or know where it is available. On the net check out <A HREF=""></A> I think the link is right, tell Gary I sent you.

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