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hey, my name is nadia and im from australia living in a semi rural town, i was wondering if any one with some experience in cow management could answer these Q's for me.

we have just slashed our paddock and we where thinking of fencing it and putting cows on it, the paddock is abut 8 to 9 acres and we are not sure of

* how many head of cattle we need
*how expensive this will be
* how much a year this will cost
* what breed of cattle will be most suited to our environment and financial climate, and any other info that u would think would be useful o us, it would be most apresiated if u could send us that info via my email add or post it n this board, my email is [email protected] or [email protected]. pick whichever u like, regards, nadia from OZ :p
There are one or two cattlemen from Australia on this board. Go to the member section and browse for their messageboard name. Don't think anyone from USA mainland would have good insight on stock and conditions for raising in AU.