new to cow figured id post up my cattle and get your thoughts on them ?

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May 5, 2017
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The light colored ones are 37 percent beefalo both born around feb-march 2016 heifers. Dark tan is

The two Angus the cow is about 9-10 years old hopefully is preg. they said she was.
her calf was born some time early last fall.

im going to keep two over the winter and put two in the freezer. just looking at thoughts the earliest my butcher could get me in was dec1 so there is time for them to gain weight

ok i cant seem to post them can i email them to some who could post them for me ? Do i have to have enough posts to be able to post a pic on here?
Under the box you type your message in is a tab called 'Add image to post', click it, navigate to your picture, and then upload it.
yea i dont know whats going on this is the only website i cant post pics to. i try from my iphone 5s and form my desktop non apple product. i tried to copy and paste to. when i click the image tab it doesnt let me go though the pic on my phone or computer like it normaly does.

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