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"But you know what he was doing? Because Barack Obama is the President-elect who used to be one of the senators from Illinois, Blagojevich has got to appoint a senator. So he was calling up people, saying, 'Would you like to be a senator. Well, what's it worth to you?' Well, I just hope to God this doesn't tarnish the fine reputation of Illinois politics." --David Letterman

"Time magazine reports that Governor Blagojevich has an approval rating of 4%. That's with a margin of error of 5%. That means he could actually disapprove of himself." --Jay Leno

His approval rating before his arrest was around 15%, so at least this latest scandal hasn't hurt him much. :D
I thought he was just carrying on the fine chicago politic tradition. Fit's right in with vote early vote often along with the side note that just because youve been dead for years it doesn;t mean you votes don;t count

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