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We are going to have to convert to a new Q&A Board software as the old one is no longer supported. It's not a matter of if we want to switch.. we have to switch. No forun software that uses a "threaded" view like our current one is available. What do you think about this one? :p
I've seen this one used on several other sites. I like the old one better; maybe at my age I just hate changes!! Any other options?
I'm not thinking I like it much either makes it harder to read and get around the site.
I Love it! Much better format, easier to read. Those threads on the old system can get little cumbersome to navigate, especially when they go on and on. :D
I like the old sight also. I would vote for a little different color on this sight, same color of the old sight. although this color isn't as bad as coyote gray. I haven't chewed my mouse hand off yet!
I, too, think this is probably easier to read and follow posts - will take some getting used to. But what I want to know is - where did the "Everything Else" board go??
klasqh":2eb1hjx6 said:
But what I want to know is - where did the "Everything Else" board go??

It's back. You never know what's going to happen when an old cowman sits down in front of a computer! :oops:

The grandkids are here at the ranch this weekend so I'll work on changing the look of the new board Monday.
Bill":2379jvl5 said:
Have you looked at YaBB software?

Yes. It's my second choice. Very much like this phpBB. It also uses php and mySQL database which means its fast and doesn't use up much server resources. But the development team has switched to developing SimpleMachinesForum which won't be released for a few weeks. So YaBB's future is in question.

phpBB is the second most popular forum software (vBulletin is first). phpBB is used on tens of thousand sites and is very stable with hundreds of custom modifications available. Plus it's open source.
like most the others, I like the old one better also, but if it's not an option anymore, then I will learn to like this one too!

Actually, I am just glad to have this forum available and really appreciate the time and effort yuou take to make this one of the best boards out there. Being a newby to the cow business, it has answered so many of my questions and I have learned alot from other folks questions along the way. I really like the beginners board, as most people think their question is too basic to ask in most forums, but can be asked in the beginners section and most respondants wont even question the basicness (?) of the question, and when someone does call the beginners out, someone else is quick to remind them that this is a beginners forum for people who were'nt raise around cows or have the luxury of having a oldtimer for a neighbor who will be their mentor!
Hello again. Like most of the responders so far, I like the old format but have used one very similar to this on the American Simmental Association website discussion board. Once we all adjust to it we probably won't miss the old format. The main thing is that we have a site like this to share ideas and questions. There is hardly ever any action on the ASA's site and this one is always active. It makes it easy for discussion and often poses questions that are relevant to most all of us, no matter what our individual interests in the cattle industry might be. Thanks for your services! Mike
well, since I have been playing around with this format, I have really grown to like it! It does seem more user-friendly than the others, and like Bill said, it was getting kinda hard to follow some of the longer posts in the other forums. Not to mention, it appears that you can see alot more topics on one page than previously!

When are the other forums going to be changed over?

Two thumbs up from me!! :D
Hope to have the other boards converted in the next couple of weeks. Need to finish polishing up this Board. Then the process of importing the thousands of old messages into the new mySQL database.

Merry Christmas to All! :santa: