New Simmy Heifer

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Feb 2, 2007
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West Central, Minnesota
This is my show heifer for summer '09.
She is a Feb 3/4 sim heifer by GLS Frontier N13. The picture was taken back in october.

What do you think of her?
She looks like a very good heifer.. the one thing i would change is that i would give here a little more depth of body and about 48 hours before the show i would put a neoprene neck sweat on her to tighten up that flab underneath her chin.. SHE IS VERY NICE and you are very lucky to have such a good heifer. How does she fill her tracks? if she drops that back foot in the same hole the front one made she will be tough to beat.
what is the other 1/4 of her blood? black angus? beautiful topline, but on a simmental I'd expect a little bit a thicker midsection, though there's a lot of shadow under her belly which may throw my eyes off a little...

I wouldn't complain one bit if I had her though!
The other 1/4 is Angus.
I think she walks well enough. I haven't found anything that i don't like about her walk, and I haven't had any bad comments about it, but I don't think its stunning either.
I agree, she needs to be deeper. She has dropped down a bit since then, but I would still like to see her deeper.
I really like her, she's my first real show heifer, all my others were either home raised or bought cheap. (which isn't bad, I'm just really excited to have her.) She needs some time still, but I think she should do well at county fair next summer.
Thanks for all the nice comments on her!
really nice heifer. i'd like to see he a little bit deeper and having a touch more bone under her. and i would go with the neck sweat on herto get rid of some of that excess. but other than that she is a very nice heifer.
Nice heifer, fancy and feminine. I'd like to add a little depth to her, but she looks pretty good! What do you show her under? Up here, we only have purebred they have commercial classes or does she show as a simmy?

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