New Redneck "diet tip"

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Jun 16, 2004
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This is good! My mother-in-law keeps griping about needing to lose weight. I have always wanted to tell her that, Now I will just print the picture and leave it in the fridge for her. ;-)
Thanks Muldoon!!! :D
Oh my! That reminds me of working north up the highway on this remote ranch when I was just out of school. We used to deliver the odd load of grain to some pretty backwoods residences. Mrs. K. (the boss' wife) forewarned me that when you arrive at these places the folks always like to offer you some hospitality in the form of liquid refreshment (no, not the kind you make in a still). Anyway, she said if they offer tea or coffee it would be okay to drink, otherwise to steer clear of it. I wasn't too sure as to what she was alluding to, until we made a delivery of grain to a place way and gone past the Sikanni Chief river. After we unloaded the grain, the nice people invited us in for a cup of coffee. My eyes just about popped out of my head when I walked through the door and saw goats in the house. Big goats. One was standing (yes, standing!) on the kitchen table. Dishes were piled sky high on the counter, but our beaming hostess claimed she had a couple of clean cups in there for us, and proceeded to dig out a pair, give 'em a wipe with a rag and then filled them with coffee from the pot. Talk about a house blend! There were more turds on the floor then I've seen in some barnyards. At least the people were good hearted, but definately lacking in the sanitary department...

Take care.