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Jul 27, 2006
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2017 will be great! It's now legal in Illinois to fish with a pitchfork. And Ohio has medical marijuana, but it will be 2018 before beauracrats can get the rules written. So your glaucoma will have to wait.
I was reading about this yesterday. Amazing what legislators have time for. Did you read about the California law banning evil appendages on firearms?
Arkansas also got medical marihuana. I found that a long shot being considered a far right state.
callmefence":im4qxho8 said:
Are you telling me it's been illegal to fish with a pitchfork?
50 years ago the very best fish gigs were made from a pitchfork but it was illegal to gig fish. Also illegal to shoot them with an old army 30-40 Krag, and of course dynamite. The dynamite is the only one I still don't do.
As long as they don't mess with my cane pole fishin..

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