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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
Was in Atlanta last month and was killing time. Went into a specialty cooking store where they had all kinds of neat things and had a kitchen where they taught classes. Got to talking to the owner and he showed me some really neat appliances. One was an electric cooking range that uses magnatism of some sort to heat up the pots. I don't recall what the technology is called but with it you could lay a dollar bill on the range and put a pot of water on top of it and the water would boil without burning the dollar. It also boiled water faster than gas and didn't heat up your kitchen. He also showed me convection ovens which I thought were neat as well. With my wife's birthday coming up I'm thinking this might be a good practical gift. She is very hard to buy for but she has hinted a couple of times that she would like to see our kitchen updated and maybe this would be good gift. Anyone know anything about these two items?
She loves our Jenn Air down draft 36" 6 bay stove top. It is modular and has a dedicated grill/griddle with 4 regular glass topped burner or coil type burners for you application. She can put another grill/griddle as needed. We have cooked on a Jenn Air for years of a smaller size and can say we have enjoyed the experience.

As Dun has said, the convection oven is worth the money.
With convection ovens, how difficult are they to use. I read a review that said it was hard to get on the learning curve.
Been looking at these things but there are just so many choices. Looking at a Jenn Air double wall oven combo. I like the brand but they offer so many choices. One is a convection oven in the bottom and a convection microwave at the top. I don't know how the latter works but want to know. Leaning towards two concection ovens cause we don't nuke to many meals.

Wewild, we have a 30" 4-bay Jenn Air down draft now. Like it a lot - the six bay sounds fantastic. We have the grills and things but have never thought to use them. Like it a lot and if I change this over I'll stick with the Jenn Air brand. The induction system sounds really nice. Talked to a guy yesterday about them and he said he was really impressed with them. I'd like to get one of those too but I think this will have to wait till next year. The oven is acting up and I need to do something with it before Thanksgiving.
We just went through the wall oven thing. We considered separate units more because a co worker sold me that if the controls die on a double you have to replace it. If the controls die on one of the 2 units you just replace one. The up front cost was higher for 2 verses a combo and we didn't have room for 2 and a microwave so we bout an GE Advantium SCB1001MSS oven. It is a 4 in 1 and we use it as a microwave the most but it does convection and more. Not being able to buy this as a combo and was more the deciding factor.

Here is a link but we bought the 27" pice was $1400 at Brandsmart. The link says it's no longer available but there are newer models like it. ... SCB1001MSS

We bought a regular GE convection oven to go beneath it.
Thanks Wewild that is a good source for information. Do you know if the advantum type (4n1) convection ovens are also true micro-waves? (Its not clear) The Trivection type uses microvave, radiant and convection but it says it cannot cook solely as a microwave. It would be neat if one would serve all purposes but maybe I'm wanting my cake and eat it too.
I think it is microwave technology. The results are the same as our old microwave.
Wewild":1iv3tlbq said:
I think it is microwave technology. The results are the same as our old microwave.

Thanks. I called GE today and worried a lady for a long time. I'm just getting a toe-hold on the learning curve. :dunce:

The 4-1 (advantium) would be awesome. Only problem is they only make that in a single like you mentioned and my stove is a double. So this would require some cabinetry work. They do give you CAD drawings and all but kinda feel like I'm digging a hole. But I'm learning so I keep studying on it and getting some options. Thanks for the help.

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