New Holland T5000 Series

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Nov 6, 2005
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Western Kentucky
Anybody on here run any of the New Holland T5000 series tractors? I have found one for sale pretty close to home and am going to look at this weekend. Main use would be on a tedder, rake, and loading/feeding hay, I may put a 9' disc mower on it occasionally as well. I have a Maxxum 125 that I cut and bale with now, I just need a second cab tractor for our farm.

We have had a T5060 for about 3 years now and only thing we`ve had to do was replace the battery and a relay for the A/C. I would buy another one like it just because it`s one of the later models but not so new it requires the DEF fluid.
I have a 2012 5070. I used it to feed cows and do hay work. I wouldn't buy another one. It has 1100 hours on it and it's been in for 2 major repairs. The forward/reverse went out at 300 hours, they put in a new pump and told me it was a freak thing. My hydraulics quit working again at 500 hours and they fixed it again. Now at 1100 hours my AC works when it wants to, they charged it last summer and didn't fix it. For the past two winters the hydraulics don't work when it gets below 25 degrees unless I warm it up for 20 minutes before I feed a bale of hay. I've been told that my problems are rare and outside of the issues with the hydraulic system it's a very handy tractor.
We have a T5.115 which I believe is the same thing only with the T4A engine (DPF, no DEF). Great little tractor really. Only major issue was with a poorly designed crank case ventilator that froze off and wrecked the DPF system and took out the rear engine seals. Thankfully it was a warranty deal.The reason for that has been rectified though and been trouble free since. You wouldn't have to worry about that with the 5000 series though.