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Jun 3, 2004
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East Texas
Congratulations, LA, on your Guru status. I guess you won't speak to nobody now 'cept for Dun, huh?
Texan":1oq62epw said:
Congratulations, LA, on your Guru status. I guess you won't speak to nobody now 'cept for Dun, huh?

No Guru here. I just talk to much when I should be listening.
Congratulations! And thanks for your interesting posts. It's nice when experienced cattlemen are willing to share their knowledge. :D
My Thanks to you, Macon.
I appreciate you having this Message Board for all of us to share our thoughts with either. We may not all agree on everything , but it would be an awful Dull World if we did.
This Board has allowed me to feel that I have made many friends that I feel close to and respect, although we have never met in person and would not know each other if we were in the same room together.

Thanks again, Macon.
Thanks Tman.
I enjoy your posts also. Seems like that you put a Lot of Thought into them.
I too appreciate la4angus' posts.
I dont always agree with the guru's [or anyone else] but thats just my nature, ask my family about that.
I also appreciate this board, we hillbillys are slow to give or take advise.
Old hill saying, "The best advise is asked for"
This board lets us speak our mind without being blowhard knowitalls.
Thanks Mountain Wilham
I agree with you "The best advice is asked for."
When a person asks about what would be best to breed; a breed to, Breed A or Breed B, and someone comes back saying that they would do better breeding to Breed E or Breed F.; that is not what the original question asker is asking.
I think we should try to answer the original question to the best of our ability, and then if wanted, start another topic about what I would breed
the different breeds or crosses to. South Texas is different than Montana, or Fla. or Ohio and vice versus.

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