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Jul 10, 2007
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Got this in an eblast today from SGBI.

For further information, contact:
Doug Ricke
Director of Marketing
(212) 733-7421
[email protected]
Mike Opperman
Charleston|Orwig, Inc.
[email protected]

s Announces Significant
Advancements in DNA-marker Testing

NEW YORK (January 29, 2009)—Pfizer Animal Genetics announced today the upcoming availability of GeneSTAR® MVP™—m
Pfizer Animal Genetic olecular value prediction—a new DNA-marker panel containing four times more markers than previously available. In addition, the company is unveiling a new Web site,, to provide producers and allied industry professionals with the latest information regarding animal genomics and genetic marker technology.

The new 56-marker panel improves producers’ decision-making abilities by providing more reliable information regarding economically relevant traits of feed efficiency1, marbling2 and tenderness earlier in the life of the animal.

Authenticated through third-party validation, the new technology was the result of a significant investment in research.

“Pfizer Animal Genetics is committed to providing beef producers with the most reliable DNA-marker technology to improve herd management and decision-making,” says Pfizer Animal Genetics Vice President Dr. Nigel Evans. “GeneSTAR MVPs are a valuable selection tool that will allow producers to achieve their breeding and management goals more effectively.”

As an additional resource, the new Web site features in-depth product information, an interactive sales and distributor map, and educational links to the latest information about DNA-marker technology. The Web site capabilities will continue to evolve to include additional information and tools of value to producers.
The release of the expanded DNA-marker panel and online resource demonstrate Pfizer Animal Genetics’ focus on continued discovery and improvement of economically relevant traits.

“As DNA-marker technology continues to evolve, beef producers will have a growing supply of tools to help make more precise management decisions,” said Pfizer Animal Genetics Senior Director of Global Technical Services, Dr. Ronnie Green. “Our staff can assist cattle producers in utilizing MVPs to customize breeding and management strategies.”

“We have really just scratched the surface on the understanding and development of DNA markers that can enhance beef cattle production,” said Dr. Green. “Future innovations could even focus on disease susceptibility, fertility and other traits related to animal husbandry that are of critical economic importance to beef producers.”

Pfizer Animal Genetics is a business unit of Pfizer Animal Health, a world leader in discovering and developing innovative animal vaccines and prescription medicines. Pfizer Inc is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company.


1 Validated in Bos Taurus populations only, additional information available on file for Bos Indicus. Feed efficiency is measured as Net Feed Intake.
2 In NBCEC validation, the marbling MVP is significantly associated with Ultrasound % IMF at 60 days prior to harvest.
SGBI is now implementing a THR system similar to that which is present in other breeds. I may be wrong here but I believe they are planning on using Genestar and Igenity results and configuring them into a new EPD system.

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