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May 11, 2004
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Just curious, how many of you have ever met anyone on this board (in person) due to being on this board.
I can do even better.....I bought some cows from a man on this board who happened to live about 30 miles from me. I bought some beefmaster pairs and a angus heifer.
Haven’t had the pleasure. Someday, if time ever allowed, it would be enjoyable to meet quite a few of the characters here. There are a couple that I’d just as soon never cross paths with. Interesting question.

I've met a couple. The first was back before registration began and I haven't seen any posts from her since then. The lady had asked a question about showing 4-H market steers. It turned out to be someone with a son showing in the same county fair my sons used to show in. We lived within 10 miles of each other. Dun and I were at the MO Show-Me-Red Angus sale this spring and didn't know it until later, but we were both looking at the same heifer at the same time! Small world sometimes!
I have plans to meet up with a couple folks at some National Shows this fall and winter. I am really looking forward to it. May even make a few stops on the way to Denver and bother some people!!
I've met one and he has turned into a good friend and mentor.
I think I ran into that lil fart Jake a couple different times but not quite sure..... :lol:
I haven't yet, but I plan to! It is so neat to be able to meet and talk to people on this site that otherwise you wouldn't meet or talk to i.e. location, time ect.ect. Some people I have talked to a little seem like old frinds I have had for a long time. It's great!
I met one last weekend. Had a long visit. It was a real pleasure. In a couple of weeks I plan to have met a few more..