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Feb 6, 2015
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southern Ky
Just sold my dual tandem Gatormade. So ready to start the search for new one. It was a 25+5 Looking for a 20+5 or is a 22 or 23+5 made? Must be dual tandem prefer lowpro pierced frame. Does not have to have torque tube. Not looking for cheapest. Has anyone had or seen a go bob?
We took a road trip to Texas this winter and stopped by there place. Wanted to look at few things first hand. Only a couple trailers there at the time but I was impressed with what I saw. I would definitely give them a call.
I've got a 22+5 Moritz low-pro like you're asking about, has been a really nice trailer. I've looked at a few Load Trail (Load Max?) with the hydraulic dovetails lately and been pretty impressed.

On a dual tandem, the torque tube is definitely worth the money to me.

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