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Jun 1, 2005
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Middle Tennessee
My brother showed up at the house with a gift for Little HOSS this Saturday. It was a little male black Lab puppy. He is not papered but Little HOSS can't read anyway. I snapped a pic with my cell phone when the puppy climbed out of the box an into his arms. The puppy follows him everywhere right at his heels. Little HOSS runs everywhere so it wears the puppy out so he don't whine that much at night. My kids named him Rio.

AWW!!! That is so cute...and they will grow up to be best buds. I hope you were aware that the pup was coming, and it wasn't a total suprise to you! :-D
lil hoss will keep that puppy on the go you know he will make a house dog out of him.that pic is just to cute.

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