New calf has lost its hair

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I found my new calf seperated from its mother and seemed sick. When I got up to it I noticed hair was missing from its inside upper back leg. I thought it was a dog bite. I brought the calf to its mother and mad sure she was getting milk. I have been keeping an eye on her and seems to be getting plenty of milk and is keeping up. BUT! her hair is almost entirely gone, I didnt notice the advance untill today. I was trying to keep my distance so she wouldnt get seperated again. The body looks like a rough coat, almost scaly. I rushed to my books and now to you. I think it is Coccidiosis. I am not sure and have a page into my Vet. This forum has always been a tremendous source of great information and couldnt have had cattle without your help. Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated.
I had a calf lose it's hair on the back half so I went and got a can of livestock dust that controls lice, mites, and all kinds of things. About two days later you could see where he was getting some fuzz back. Now you can't tell it ever happened.
Is the baby any better? Sometimes momma can be so diligent about keeping baby spotless she licks it bald towards the bum end, but you'd never mistake that for coccidiosis - How's the calf doing?

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