New Calf Aspirating on Mother's Milk

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Jun 6, 2011
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Looking for advice: Purchased Angus Heifer with her new heifer calf Saturday, May6 2017. Calf was born the day before. 3 hour ride home. Calf was healthy and sucking fine, but making a raspy/rattled noise when sucking. Treated her with a few antibiotic doses. The raspy/rattled noise when sucking will not go away. Yesterday I noticed milk coming out of her nose after sucking. Checked her for a cleft palate - don't see anything wrong. She's starting to get lethargic now.

Anyone know what would cause a calf to aspirate milk from mother? Should I pull her off and see if I can get her to take a bucket?
Sometimes the new calves will do that. Leave her with her mom. Is she running a temperature? Otherwise might just be stressed from travel.
OK good to know - thanks for the response. Maybe the aspirating is unrelated to the current assumed conditioned (i.e. she caught something - but not due to aspirating some milk). Any idea how long I should expect before the aspirating would stop?
Usually a couple weeks or so until the calf can keep up with its moms milk let down. Check its temperature so you know if you need to continue on with antibiotics. Otherwise just keep her warm, dry and with mom.
temp of 103.5. Watched her try to feed twice. Her breathing rattles almost right away. She quits in less than a minute and milk will come out the nose. I'm thinking the fever is due to the milk in the respiratory system. Gave her another shot of antibiotics. Has less energy than yesterday and thinning out. Time to get her off cow and try a bucket? tube? Other ideas?

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