New calf + 6 week calf photos

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Feb 5, 2009
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Had a new calf Saturday from our Hereford (bred with a Dexter bull) We are calling him "Tank". Wishful thinking perhaps? He was 75 lbs. He's very cute and we'd love to keep him around for a while.
Also a photo of our Angus born 6 weeks ago, she seemed to struggle a bit with the cold temps and snow but she seems to be growing and gaining well. We have several others due soon, I wish the mud would go away, if I wasn't so tired of feeding hay I'd almost wish for the waist deep snow to return!




He's tiny! I was like huh? till I saw that he was part Dexter :lol: Hope he turns out to be a tank someday!
Good lookin calves you got there. And as far as the mud goes, if you got more snow, then you would have more mud! Be thankful for it I say.
Yes, I just got another reminder of be careful what you wish for...just looked at the Accuweather site this morning and after 1.5 inches of rain they are predicting 7 inches of snow early next week. Time to exchange the muck boots for waders, the mud will be waist deep once it's all done. We're 1 mile from the lake, you'd think we would have sandy soil, but all we seem to have is clay. I hope the forecast is wrong.

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