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Mar 1, 2005
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Southeast Kansas
What are the primary factors you use in deciding when it is time to cull the terminal bull and get a new one? Do you do it at a specific age or do you look for certain physical traits before making that decision?
if he's a pure yterminbal sire you should be able to use him till he isn't capable physically of doing his job.some people aren't as fussy soundness wise picking a terminal bull because they don't retain heifers but you can also lose a couple seasons of use.
It depends on the bull, if I like him (how he grew out) and his calves, I will keep him around as long as possible. With a bull like this, usually it is temprament or and injury that has me culling them. The only reason to cull is if he can't breed or if we can't handle him safely anymore.

If a bull doesn't grow out the way we expected him to, we will cull him out as soon as he gives us any other real excuse, so long as his calves are reasonably acceptable. If his calves are below standard, he goes pretty much as soon as we figure that out. This usually means you get 2 calf crops of substandard calves though :frowns: :mad:

However, if you have a small herd, you may have to cycle bulls through if you are keeping back heifers out of him. We have enough bulls, that we can avoid having to breed daughters back to their sire.

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