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Joy of Texas

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Nov 13, 2007
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Well,so far one had her calf. And he is healthy. I need to think of a good name for him. It was 30 degrees when he was born.



I think a very appropriate name based on his color and the temp when he was born would be

Joy, I :heart: the way that baby is marked! Too cute! Yes, I think Frosty is a good name.

Frosty is good.. But I might name him ZERO. Remember those candy bars called that? They were covered with white milk chocolate, and dark in the inside. Yep.. ZERO gets my vote. ;-)

Thanks all, I just love the markings on this little guy. Rick seems to think he will be roan.I liked the name Frosty. But he will be named Chill Factor
that is a cute little guy!... from our herd, when we have one that is a light colour roan, we found they usually get lighter in color as they age

I am of the opinion that cattle should have 1 word names, or at least be called by 1 word names.. on the papers you can call them anything you want, but all the bulls we've bought have be renamed... Sam, Zal, Rustam,(mythological names) and the all-brown Shorthorn we have now is Bruno
LoveMoo11":2dpii0ze said:
What a cutie! I love his markings. What are your plans for him?

Thank you, he sure is different than my other beefmaster bull calves. So far I don't have any plans for him. I'll iust wait and watch him. If he makes the cut, he'll be kept back for a breeding bull. If not he'll be hamburger.
I think some of us would love to have 30 degree weather during calving. I know I would usually when I start in Feb.

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