new beefmaster calf

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Apr 28, 2005
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i had a new beefmaster bull calf today.its a red star faced tommy girls 3 rd bull calf in a i was wanting a heifer calf from her real bad.she has already produced 2 herd bull im thinking this will be her 3rd prospect.its her 1st calf out of my herd bull simba.
Seems like every time we do an "experimental" breeding hoping for a heifer, we end up with a bull calf. Or when we really want a heifer from our best cow(s), of course we get bulls. If she can raise a herd sire quality bull each year that is very commendable. I believe it is much tougher to raise herd-sire-quality bulls than replacement quality females.

Here's to hoping you get that heifer next year. :tiphat:

ryan im already bull poor.i have this baby bull calves 2 1/2 bros another 1/2 bro to him thats about 5 months he is nice an big.
I know what you mean about being bull poor. We've got 8 2008-born bulls on feed right (ages range from March to Sept) and one more of ours is being shown by an FFA program. I just hate to send them across the scales when I know they can help so many herds. I know 1 of them is leaving on Sunday, and possibly 2 more here in the not so distant future. Plus, 3 of the 7 calves on the ground right now are bulls. Of course 2 of them are out of our two of our top end cows, and the other is out of a first calf heifer that is very interesting.

C'mon now... pictures? even one? Beefmaster calves don't stay small for long - so you need to take pictures quickly ;-)