"new" ball and socket hitches

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got a brand new round baler last year and it has a ball in the hitch just like the end of a 3 pt lift arm. uses a bolt with several machine washers.Sucker has chewed more metal off the 30 year old tractor's drawbar than was missing to start. neverseized the ball, put at least one washer between the drawbar and the baler's hitch, heaven forbid you loose the clip pin that goes thru the bolt after you tighten it up (18" cresent and a pipe wrench) because no matter how you torque the sucker it's loose at the end of the day and the clip is all that is keeping the nut from just falling off. What am I doing wrong or is this a plot by engineers and equip manuf. to sell new drawbars.( and maybe new balers if you loose the clip pin)
jls":1y7b3n4v said:
.......because no matter how you torque the sucker it's loose at the end of the day.............What am I doing wrong

Why not jam a lock nut against it? Must be some reason you haven't done that, so how about something like a lower link pin bolted through your drawbar, if your jack will pick it up high enough to go over it.
the haybine has a drawbar extension with pin that it rides on and the pin is hard faced where the ball sits. darn things are different size tho. Have to get right size- worth trying.