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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Boss calls me yesterday says we have a urinary calculi case in one of the wethers, he's down in the sick bay.

Routine enough procedure, you just exteriorise the penis and cut off the urethral process, which is usually where the calculi is lodged, massage the bladder for a while then the little guy pees and all is good.

Well, I started exteriorising the penis and the tip of it was all bloody and mangled. I got more of it out, and more and I began to realise that the whole penis is bloody, rotting and basically gangrenous (sp?).

In between his legs, where the scrotum would be if he was still intact, there was a lup about the size of my fist. So thats pretty big when you are talking about a 4 mth old wether. At first I chalked it up to a testicle, whoever banded him did it wrong and missed a stone. Buuuut, probing around a little more I realised that 'lump' is actually the penis ...

So I figure that there's no way he's gonna recover from this, gave him a pain jab and antibiotics, and left him to it. He's still eating which is weird, so I gave him a good last meal.

Will post pics once he dies and I do an autopsy. I'm very interested to see what that lump looks like.

But I'm puzzled as to what would mangle a penis like that?
My guess would be that he tore up his penis and maybe even broke it. It got infected, is swelled and is causing urinary problems. :cowboy:
Aaron ... he wasnt at all sexually active so I dont know if he would have been able to injure/break the penis? Was marked early so never developed any bucky behaviour.

I wondered if somehow an infection could cause all this? Its a mess for sure

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