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Net Wrap on an "I" Series Vermeer Baler?

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May 30, 2019
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Middle TN
I have a 504 Super "I" that is in very good condition and makes a good bale. I have been very proactive in maintaining and upgrading the baler since I purchased it about 3 years ago and feel like it is better than when it was new. At least as good as new.

It has the equal fill/auto tie monitor and I see an option on the monitor for net wrap. However I have Never saw an "I" series baler that actually had net wrap on it.

I would love to hear from folks that have a Vermeer "I" series baler of any size With net wrap and learn how it is performing. Pictures would be fantastic.

My baler is paid for so if adding net wrap would be cheaper and makes sense (as in net works fine on an "I" series) I would go that way. However I have heard Vermeer had problems with net wrap on their early balers like an "I". I have zero first hand experience with this claim and would love to hear from people using net on the earlier Vermeer's. I cannot even Google and find "I" balers with net wrap on them.

Replacing my baler with an unknown used net wrap baler (which would be my only option) doesn't make total sense to me at this point.

Thanks for any help.

Nick Wagner

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May 15, 2016
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An “I” series baler with net wrap would be a rare duck, and I doubt Vermeer offers a retrofit kit for a baler that old. If I remember correctly, the net wrap was a $4,000 option on my 554 XL..
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