neighbors dead calfs

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Herd of 60 (less 15 calfs ) , 1 bull, South Florida , 70 acres of pasture, No Barn

On 6-23-01 1 month baby beef master died no details

On 6-28-01 4 month baby beef master died

*Mouth, eyes and tong were white

*Bloated belly

*Calf was trying to go to the bathroom and was not successful.


*** Large track hoe was placed on the property 6-23-01 till today.

*** Old junk truck was sold and moved 6-17-01 est

*** No bruises on body

*** Checked for any snake bites

? twisted gut ? abscess that burst ? radiator fluid from vechiles

Any Help would make my neighbors happy

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> Calves can die suddenly for many
> reasons. One, obviously, is
> antifreeze. I am not a big
> believer of running to the vet and
> getting an autopsy, BUT, after
> losing a second calf, I would be
> calling the vet. Jeanne

Black leg can kill quickly and without much warning. See if skin feels crinkly sounding,feeling shortly after death. It doesn't take but 6 to 12 hrs after first obvious symptons for blackleg to finish them off. Here in south Alabama you can take a dead calf to the state lab and they will do a autopsy for free.

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