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May 23, 2007
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I would like to hear what people would recommend me do on cows that are medium to heavy bred that I bought from sale barns. What vacinations would you give? I would like to do them all at the same time to get them on a schedule so any help would be great. Same question on the calves when they get here. When and what should I give them? Thanks
The best would be to talk to your vet about a schedule and vaccines that suit you, your cows and calves, and your situation. You have to get them from the vet anyhow so start there.
Since you're in Texas, my comments should be relevant...

First of all, cattle bought at sale barn in all probability don't have any health or medical history or documentation to go with them...caveat emptor. As such,

I'd definitely de-worm all of them. Then, I'd give them Blackleg and Respiratory vaccinations. If any are feeling listless, "depressed", or have runny feces, I'd check with your Vet and do what he/she recommends for any antibiotics to innoculate them with. "Shipping Fever" is also another event associated with animals from sale barns and other unclean places.

If your Vet says nothing is needed, I'd consult with another Vet.

It is not uncommon for cattle people selling at the sale barn to bring cattle with no records and/or a comprehensive medical protocol. They are selling "meat" at sale barn, nothing else...

Our policy is that IF we buy an animal from another ranch that doesn't have PROOF of vaccinations and/or de-worming, then we ASSUME nothing has been done. In any event, we always de-worm and quarantine any new arrivals for week or so.

Hope this info helps...
I agree with the above posts, and I would also suggest something to protect the calves for scours, such as pilishield or scourbos.

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