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May 1, 2004
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I am thinking of purchasing some bred heifers and putting them on a farm that is partially fenced. I have temporary electric fence on the partof the farm that does not have permanent fence. When I have had cattle there before the calves always get out of the electric fence. The fence is about 1/3 of a mile and two strands. I am using a Gallagher 12volt solar charger. What is the most powerful solar charger that some of you are using and what is the cost. Using a plug in charger is an option, but I would have to run alot of wire or extension cord. Any advice is appreciated.
I use 2 different Gallagher battery chargers, one has a solar panel to keep the battery charged. Look to your ground system. The solar/battery ones need as good of a ground system as the 110 models. Because they're usually considered temporary people tend to try to get by with a makeshift/halfassed ground system.
Thanks for the advice. I will admit that my single poly wire that divides my paddocks is usually just clipped to the T post the charger is on. However my perimeter electric fence is grounded properly. I was just checking on some new charger options.
I would get a battery powered one. The biggest solar is not that powerful. You can get a very high powered battery charger cheap that will knock you on your butt.
A Gallagher S20 - 1mile MULTI WIRE - ~200.00

You can make any battery energizer solar by adding solar panels. If you have a need for one, you can even buy a 16joule solar kit that will do 700 acres for around $1700

If you are running temporary fence (polywire I assume), keep in mind that six strands of stainless steel is only good for 1/4 mile since it is extremely high resistance (10,000+ ohms). Once you excede 1300', it would be advised to use something like Turbo Wire (~200 ohms). If you are trying to go too far with six strand stainless, it wouldnt really matter if you had a 50 joule energizer - it would not conduct effectively.

Dont forget the GROUND SYSTEM!!!

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