need help with calf

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We have a 4-week-old calf that we have been bottle-feeding, He got in to the next pasture right after being born. Don't know how long he was in there could have been 24 hours till found. His mother will not except him now, we have to put her in a headlock so he can feed twice a day on her ( she don't have a lot of milk) and we give him Manna Pro whole milk fortifier all most two quarts twice a day. He eats good, my problem is that he can't walk good, he just lays around and when he gets up he walks around very slow for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes then lays down for hours. We don't think that he got any of the Colostum milk from her. The vet gave us Poly serum to give him. Is there any thing that we can give him to get him up and active.

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