Need help with 2 day old kid

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:help: :help: I have just aquired a two or three day old boar goat kid. I'm told it hasnt had any colostrum yet and it has only had cows milk. How long can it survive without colostrum, can I give it cows colostrum or does it need goats? Also the same with the milk, can it survive on cows milk? Someone told me you can make an artificial colostrum from milk and egg yolk and some other bits and pieces. Does anyone have the recipe? Im pretty attatched to this little goat and I am willing to do anything to keep it alive.
Your goat kid needed to have colustrum within a few hrs of birth. We have sheep and have used cows colustrum lots for them.So a goat should,nt be any different.

I would recommend you buy proper goat milk replacer to get him going.And whatever you do don,t use milk from a grocery store....
Yes, get it some kind of colostrum immediately. Cows is fine. Or get to the vet with the kid and get something there or at a feed store. I raise goats and am milking two twice a day right now. Wish I could help you out! Do go with a good milk replacer though, and feed the kid four times a day with the special little nipple for goat and sheep babies.
I have posted a long reply on the beginners board. The kid should be fine on Whole cows milk from the grocery store. I would feed that over the powered replacer any day.

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