Need Help--Staggering, Paralysis due to Dewormer??

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In Tennessee, I recently used Unimectrin pour-on on my beef herd as I have done the same for the past few years. A day or two after plication, my 2000lb Angus bull was observed starting to stagger when walking/grazing. It has gotten worse and his eyes are watering and are protruded out due to pressure in the cerebral area. I have him in the barn and he is getting worst. For the last 4 days I have kept him up and given him an antibotic shot each day and today I also started him on a steroid. My vet observed him yesterday and is not sure the course of action other than what I am presenting doing. The instructions on the Dewormer say that killing the H.Bovis when it is in the vertebral canal may cause staggering and paralysis. Does anyone know if this is temporary? Any suggestions?? I plan to call the mfg tomorrow but need HELP or SUGGESTIONS FAST please. THANKS

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All avermectins can cause this reaction from two reasons. The first and most obvious is that if a parasite dies in the Central Nervous System or spinal canal, the resultant reaction to the dead parasite will cause staggering or paralysis. This isn't reversable, however steroids will minimize the reaction and you may get a functional animal, albeit a bit different. The second and less obvious reason is that the avermectins (which ivermectin is a member) are GABA inhibitors. This is a neurotransmitter which is at much higher levels in insects than mammals. Certain animals--collies, oesd's, etc have an increased sensitivity to these products, and can become toxic at what is safe in most animals. IF your bull was either overdosed or happens to be sensitive, supportive care will get him through, though it will take about a week at least.

My problem with Hypoderma bovis dying in the spinal canal at this time is that it only usually occurs after Dec 15 or so....thus the label says Dec. 1st, and it must be the eastern part of the country, since the western warble will cause choking, not downers....does this muddy or clarify things for you? Good Luck! V
Parasites were apparently in the canal and caused the problem. My vet and I used antibotics, diuretic, and steriods and bull is doing better. He still has some staggering and the next 30-60 days will show me if he is worth keeping as a breeding bull. If not, he will make good beef in the freezer. Just glad he did not go down and lose him.

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