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Oct 22, 2008
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Marianna Arkansas (East Central)
Well it looks like the crash of the cattle market is going to keep me in the cattle business. The 32 heifers I bought last fall to sell this spring for breading stock won't bring enough to recover my expenses so I will keep them and breed before I will take a guaranteed loss. They are Angus and I'd like to use a Angus bull on them but I know nothing about selecting based on numbers, when I was last buying bulls it was on visual only and I need to know what numbers I would want for calving ease and I don't have to keep this bull, he could be sold after calving breeding season and I can use another next year (maybe a Hereford to make some black baldies to retain for replacements ;-) )so I would like to know what the numbers mean. Also I would like to find one at least in a 300 mile range so if ya'll know of a good one PM or email me @ [email protected] Anyway thanks for any help on this.
The Northeast Arkansas Angus Association will be having there sale on March 21 at the Batesville Stockyards at Charlotte Ar.
I,ll probably ride up there with my vet, see you there.
Thanks Curtis and OLF, I found the info on the Northeast sale and will probably go to it. I'm a little to far from Kansas though but I'll look at the site. I still would like some help on the Numbers on EPDs. Thanks
Do a search on EPD's, lots of info. The breeders or my Vet. can explain to you at the sell.

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