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May 12, 2011
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im looking at this limo bull. can someone tell me about these numbers. i have really basic knowledge on reading them and i would like somekind of advice on the overall numbers. i will be using this bull mainly on birth proven commercial cattle. thank you.
BW 6.5
WW 50
YW 96
MA 20
SC 0.0
DOC 15
REA .63
YG -.14
MARB -.07
$MTI 44
im also looking at this other bull with these numbers. any advice will be appreciated. thank you.
LimFlex 75%
BW .5
WW 40
YW 72
MA 24
SC .2
REA .59
YG -.14
MARB -.06
$MTI 41
Huge birthweight on the first bull. Wouldn't use him on anything but big cows. Still might be a gamble. The second bull is probably a better bet.

Go to You can find lots on information on epds and percentile ranking.
Post again if you have more questions.

Good luck.
I don't know anything about Limos so I won't try to comment on the numbers. However, I would look at Calving Ease on the bull as imo it matters far more than BW. Also I would be finding out the accuracies on those EPD's. My suggestion would be to call the breed association find out the averages and ask them for some explanations.

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