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Oct 20, 2008
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I haven't sold any animals through private treaty for a while, they have been going to auction, so I am not sure what to ask for this heifer. She is 6 months old, Angus. She isn't registered but I have the papers all ready to go. I just didn't want to pay for the A.I. cert. if the buyer didn't give two craps whether or not she was registered. She is sired by Blue Moon, Mother is sired by a Direct son. I showed the dam for two years. I think she is alright looking other than her ears, she was born on the coldest day in January and got frostbite.
i tried to make the pics big but it said It Was Not Possible To Determine The Dimensions Of The Image so I guess just click on the thumbnails!
she and mama

LM I think those are going to be a big problem . You and I know that she lost them due to cold freezing temps, but it is really hard to convince a buyer that she didn't lose them to an illness and fever.
huh, I didn't know they could lose them from an illness...yikes!
Hopefully I will be dealing with someone I know that will believe me. Frostbite is not a rare occurrence up here so we'll see! Thanks for the heads up though.

Without ears, she's not going to be a show heifer. If you're selling her as a commercial Angus heifer, you should check the paper/sale barn and find out what similar weight/age heifers are going for.

On the other hands, spring for the AI cert and the registration papers and you can price her according to her pedigree and performance. Good luck....
LoveMoo11...By reading, it appears you reside in Maine meaning we can't do business. Being we are in a major economic recession, if you lived closer to me, I would feed her every day as much grass as she could eat on one give her to me. I am only kidding, but who wants to feed an animal and lose money?
Try $700, that is a fair price for a registered heifer and not many people are going to match that for somebody just wanting a single calf. When they bring up the ears tell them that that's why she is for sale at $700 and not a $1000.....they might believe that.
If you really need to get rid of her that sounds like a fair deal. But if I were in your place I would register her and get her into really good condition and AI her to a hot popular calving ease Angus sire when is is 15 months old. Then sell her as a reg. bred heifer.
I just sold one with the same deal with the ears, as a yearling heifer. No problems the fella who purchased her couldn't care less about her ears. Going rate on a young heifer at 6 months would be around a dollar a pound registered or not, you could probaly get more if she was around 10-12 months and get a good private treaty price for her. Just food for thought. :banana:

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