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Hi, My name is Lynsey, i am 10 years old and i would like some advice. I have one cow, a brahama cross, she is about to have her second calf. I am keeping her for free right now with my dads boss's cows. Anyway, her first calf was a heifer and i sold her for $360.00 when she was 6 months old. I would like to know if that was a good price and do you think i should try to increase my herd,which means i would have to lease some land to keep them on or just sell the calf each year. Ps i live on the central coast of california and land is expensive here. thankyou for your help.

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Hi Lynsey

At your age I would suggest just taking the 'free' money for now. Your dad's boss is a nice man letting you have a cow there for no cost. (Your dad must be a good worker too).

Your last calf being worth $360 at 6 months, could have been a good price or not depending on it's weight at sale. If it weighed 360 pounds it was a good price, if it weighed 600 pounds it was too little. You should have gotten around 85 cents a pound for the area and breed (just an educated guess, the local market might be higher or lower than averages).

If you want to keep running cows, learn what you can from the way the operation your dad's boss is run. See what his calves weigh, compare any different breeds he has to each other. When you have a bit more experience and a few calf cheques in your pocket then you can make a more educated descision if it would pay to lease more land and have more cows.

Good luck and it's nice to see a young person consider things logically as you are doing.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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