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Posted by HAY MAKER on Aug-13-04 12:01pm

Oregon cattle producer Margene Eiguren explained why members are dropping out of the NCBA like flies and joining up with R-CALF: "NCBA and USDA are representing meatpackers and retailers as... cattlemen. The NCBA does NOT represent U.S. cattle producers. NCBA is a political cover group for the meat-packing industry. R-CALF (USA) is the representative of U.S. cattle producers. It is through their efforts coupled with other livestock and farming organizations as well as consumer groups who have fought tirelessly to bring about country of origin labeling (COOL) of all meat. Don't lump the true cattle producer with the NCBA. We are NOT part of them. They are in fact our enemy."
Among the reasons domestic producers are fed up with NCBA is their strong support of NAFTA, the World Trade Organization and every other trade deal that allows multinationals to search the world and buy cheap. "The NCBA wants to impose an industrialized global food system, controlled by a handful of powerful and politically connected corporations, whereas R-CALF is trying desperately to save the independent family ranch. R-CALF is fighting against special interests in Washington DC and believes those special interests have taken over the country. NCBA represents those special interests."

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