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Jun 9, 2004
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South Central Texas
Can anyone offer me some advice on owning a horse with Navicular disease. How much does it cost to treat on a monthly basis? What are the best forms of treatment you have found to work?

I'm a little rusty on this.. it's been years since I've had a horse with navicular, but I'll try to help.

Back in the 80's (alright, I'm OLD) there was a surgical procedure that was relatively easy and inexpensive to help a navicular horse, it involved cutting the nerve on one side of the foot to deaden the pain. I don't know if it's still done, but it worked on a mare I had for about 3-4 years sucessfully.

There are also very skilled farriers that can shoe a navicular horse with padded shoes, which are very helpful. It's expensive, but will keep the horse pretty much pain free.

What stage navicular is the horse in?
There is lots of treatments out there now, mostly shoeing methods. I would not recommend having the nerve cut, the horse loses all feeling to that foot, more likly to stumble and less likely to quit when the foot becomes injured causing more damage. I know of three horses off hand that are being treating with special shoeing and they are doing fine for light riding to moderate riding, ie; walk trot, light canter and trails.

Talk to a good (large facility) equine vet to get the name of a farrier that they would recommend with lots of knowledge in this area.
Thanks for the replys, She was diagnosed in the spring. The vet said there was a cyst on the navicular bone? Said to give cortizone shots and Maxim 4 supplement. Nothing about the option of surgery? She doesn't show signs unless lunged. I was just wondering if anyone had experience on if it gets progressively worse and how long will she be rideable with only light riding every other week or so.
Most of that will depend on how much / how hard she's ridden, what kind of ground she's on, etc. etc. If I can remember back that far (and it's hard to do sometimes) my mare was pretty good for another 3 years or so after the nerving.

It may not be your best option, but thought I would suggest the possibility

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