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what is the very first sign of a navel infection?... i dont know much about this as i have never had to deal with it. i have a week old calf that is doing fine, but i notice her navel area may be a little swollen, and hanging down about 2 inches. all could be normal, but i am interested in more info on this.

also, how common is navel infection in calves?

any comments appreciated. thanks


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Sometimes they are just built sloppy in the navel area. I would catch the calf and feel the area. If you can feel a thick firm cord inside going down to the navel area chances are it is an infection. This is a serious condition. It can kill the calf. Antibiotics should be started ASAP. Consult you vet as to what to use. New calves should have the navel dipped in iodine to prevent this. If conditions are damp, I repeat the iodine until the stump falls off. I also try to calve in clean pastures or on snow or fresh bedding.

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