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Dec 24, 2003
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From Beef Magazine's Cow-Calf e-newsletter:

"Beef Marketing
A "Natural" Extension For Certified Angus Beef
Certified Angus Beef (CAB) LLC has partnered up with B3R Country Meats and Coleman Natural Products to add a "natural" product line to the world's leading beef brand. The announcement was made this week by Jim Riemann, CAB president, and James Henderson, president of BC Natural (BCN) Foods, Red Meats Division. The new line will be called Certified Angus Beef ® Natural.

Part of BCN, Coleman Natural Products and B3R Country Meats have agreed to work together to produce CAB Natural within the next month, beginning at the B3R plant in Childress, TX. Plans call for the Coleman plant in Limon, CO, to phase in production of CAB Natural over the course of the year.

CAB Natural products will have the same eight carcass specifications as traditional CAB products, the company says. Cattle committed to the CAB Natural program will be raised under a "process-verified," USDA-audited system. Part of that process includes that cattle in the CAB Natural program have never been given hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts.

Initially, cattle must be of the Angus phenotype and fed in CAB-licensed feedlots, in addition to meeting all other requirements. At a later date, each animal will have to be from either a registered Angus bull or female, as indicated by the American Angus Association AngusSource tag. Riemann and Henderson said. Coleman was the first (1980) USDA-certified natural beef brand, founded in 1979.
-- Joe Roybal"

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