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Dec 6, 2007
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Just wondering how many people are presently or have been members of the National Cattlemaen's Beef Association. Even though I don't have any cows yet I still joined our county and state associations and it has been money well spent, but I haven't joined the National Association and was wanting some feedback. Positive or negative I'd like to hear it. Thanks.
Seems like a pretty good organization. I like their magazine. Lots of info very little advertisements. I've let mine lapse recently but plan rejoining when I get around to it.
Thanks Jogeephus. Looks like you are the only one willing own up to being a member. :D
I had asked the question some time ago about the assn. this is the reply I got and feel it is a pretty good explanation:

CKC- the NCBA was the old NCA (National Cattlemans Association)-and was a good organization-- but in the 80's they changed their charter and direction - and name (National Cattlemans BEEF Assn.) trying to make it more of a "beef industry" association and brought in the feeders and the Packers to their membership/ruling body and thru a complicated system of voting power by the number of cattle in each state- gave each part of the industry a voice...But because the Packer/Feeder states had many more cattle (feedlots)-they continually overruled the cow/calf man and their interests and those of the small farmer/rancher- instead taking the sides of the Big Corporate interests...What benefits feeders-doesn't always benefit cattlemen- what benefits packers doesn't always benefit cattlemen...And what benefits cattlemen usually doesn't benefit either feeders or Packers...

To me anymore- NCBA has nothing to offer the average US cattle producer- and no longer is a true cattlemans organization...You can't represent all phases of the industry- and do them all justice...

Its like now- when 90+% of cattle producers surveyed- and 90+% of consumers surveyed want M-COOL- and many consumers say they will "buy American" if offered the chance- the NCBA still opposes it... The only reason is because their Packer controlled board wants to keep it so the packers can continue to import cheap beef from around the world and pass it off as US product to increase their profiteering...

There are two groups which effectively represent the average cattleman- especially the family type farm...These are R-CALF

and USCA

Both give you representation- and 1 man, 1 vote representation rather than a complicated system like NCBA's where the individual vote means little against their ruling (Corporate dominated) committees....
Thanks CKC. That's the kind of feedback I was looking for.
IMHO, I really feel it's a small amount of money to spend to be a Member of NCA and NCBA. Besides the magazine you'll get at least two e-mails a week letting you know the latest news on what is going on that can and will impact the business. I think everyone should join and try to be active in State and National associations.
Didn't realize there was so much politics involved. I like the info. And just a side not, if you let your subscription lapse they will send you a nice multi-tool in the mail hoping you will sign back up. Got mine a couple of weeks ago. :banana:
I think that this industry is waaaayyy too small and our numbers too miniscule nationally for us too divide it into feuding camps. I don't always agree with NCBA; but they represent the best hope of us pooling our resources into a plausibly acceptable voice. Our principle enemies are NOT the packer or the feedlot guy or even chicken for that matter; but are PETA and HSUS who hate our business because our existence somehow offends them and Sierra Club and Green Peace whose zeal for their cause will reg us too death if allowed to go unchecked. A future of a completely urbanized population eating exclusively soy burger steals imported from Brazil while most of rural America is turned into a govt controlled wildlife refuge is NOT out of the question.
I noticed that the membership is based on the number of head you have. Wonder if that is how they weight your vote. If so, I think that would be a good plan for the country as well except base it on taxes paid rather than number of head. Sorry, just daydreaming of utopia. :mrgreen:

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