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Aug 30, 2006
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What is it? how do they get it? what are the symptoms ? is there a treatment or is death the only treatment? and does anyone have any pictures of their cattle having it?


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May 23, 2004
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Have had more trouble with it this last year-from what I understand its an opportunistic secondary infection and hangs in the environment just waiting.
In the beginning it looks just like a sick animal - except they normally won't have a high temp-but alot of just normal sick animals don't have a high temp either;so that doesn't help identify it.
Its real hard to tell when its a problem till its too late.

Common symptoms(not seen in all) are a droopy ear(could be just an ear infection too)- then joint infections. By the time you see joint infection its too late.

Treatment is 10-12 days of antibiotic (without a break). But its hard to tell wether you should keep treating for it or just treat as usual. And its too expensive to treat just in case.

The only way I know its around is that I have several animals that break back sick- and then have joint problems.My consult vet said it was worthless to test for it as almost all sick animals will come back pos-- just some let it take hold.
When I see a pattern- Then I start treating the rest of the animals that get sick in that load like they might have it. I try and retreat(if they don't look perfect-despite their temp) BEFORE the initial dose is out of their system then keep treating them till I hit 12 days. Even then I still have some that end up realizers.

I had one load this winter that was real bad- I tried feeding tetracyclines in the feed-- not sure if it helped or not. I still have 4 wrecks from that load limping around-- they are going to be dog food soon.They will look like they are getting over the joint problem- then in a few days it will show up in another joint.

Mycoplasma is my biggest worry right now- that may put me out of business--- if it starts showing up as a problem more.

Keep in mind that Baytril is worthless to treat Mycoplasma with. It works by destroying the cell walls-- Mycoplasma has no cell wall.

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