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Dec 31, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
I have two siamese cats.... brother and sister. The skinny female is accurate at predicting rain.

A day or two before a heavy rain she will sleep in a ball with her head upside down. If its going to be really nasty then she will tend to sleep alot and be "out of sorts" Her accuracy is heads above the cows.

Anyone else have any weather predicting pets?
Funny you mention that. Our cattle will always bed down prior to rains, seem accurate. Does anyone know how or why this happens ?
Cattle will often bed down well before a cold front hits, so will hogs. It is interesting to watch the big red ants. They seem to be fair at predicting rain and good at telling when the rains are over with. IMO wind direction and cloud types tell the best story. That and my cotton picking knees.


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