my One cow dairy

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:LOL::LOL::LOL::eek::eek::eek: I imagine they had a laugh thinking you were pregnant....
You had dos vaca's, tres with the cria hembra.... Now you have cinco....
One of the guys on a dairy tried teaching me some spanish terms years ago... a little has stuck with me, counting to 10 goes back 50+ years to high school Spanish...
I took Spanish in high school, but didn't learn very well and never used it. When I became hospital nurse (in Texas) we had many Mexican patients. Those words somehow came back. But if you don't know a word you have to use the one's you know to get around it. For instance I did not know the word for birds so described Los pollos pequeno de los arboles (the small chickens of the trees). One time I went in to a room where a Mexican family was visiting my patient. They inquired what did I used to do before I became a nurse? I explained I used to be a writer. They nodded politely.
When we left the room the other nurse said Did you know you told them you used to be a desk?
A gallon of my Jersey milk weighs 8.75lbs. I weighed it on a postal scale. Maybe it's all the cream.

This one cow dairy with fresh heifer training, three calves fed 3 times a day, pen cleaning, washing and disinfectant of milking machine, buckets, bottles and pots and storage of milk turns out to be like a full time job but I like it. I was retired but now I'm re-tired. :)

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