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Jan 7, 2006
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Legal Advisor
Marriage Counselor
Part Time Roofer
Trouble Shooter
Fortune Teller
Mother -in-Law Tamer
Ballroom Dancing
Bourbon Connoisseur
Political Analyst
Tax Consultant
Witch Doctor
Hair Coloring
Wars Started
Soul Searching
Elections Rigged
Weekend Minister
Travel Companion
Plumbing Specialist
Broken Hearts Mended
Unemployment Authority
Shade Tree Mechanic
If y'all need any of these services pm. me, and i will get right on it for a small fee. Satisfaction Guaranteed (or i"ll try something else)
talldog":396tmj56 said:
Hey John---What's that word mean ?????

Means they go together real well. Being good at one will make you better at the others.
Take "mother in law tamer" and "bourbon connoisseur". The former is greatly enhanced by the latter. Pour the lady a good shot (or slip it into her coke) and your taming success rate goes up. If taming still doesn't go well, pour a couple for yourself. But, if things go well you'll all be ballroom dancing. Then your MIL will brag on you at the beauty shop. :lol2:
My goal in life is to work towards being an anvil repair specialist. I hope - but seriously doubt - I can make this career change within the next ten years.

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