My new Aussie/Border Collie shelter pup

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Jan 3, 2007
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Northwest Texas
Meet Kate! She is a 4 month old Aussie/Border Collie pup from a shelter in gainesville. I saw her on petfinder and she is my birthday present to myself. :) she is the absolute sweetest dog and is extremly smart. She has been pretty much accepted by my other 3 dogs too. She had 2 brothers left at the shelter out of a litter of 7..they are all very sweet and just need homes, so if anyone is interested, you can find them on Petfinder, under Noah's Ark Animal shelter in Gainesville, Texas. They are a great place and extremly easy to work with.

Right after the 2 hour car ride home

Dinner Time! (excuse my messy house!)

Facinated with the TV..

Kate and Casey
What a cutie! My sister found her dog on Petfinder a couple of years ago from a shelter in Florida...after a very long truck ride we picked her up in NH and have been very happy with her, she's a great dog. Have fun with her!
~Congrats on your new family member~!

How about a group photo with the rest of your dogs ?
She reminds me of a German Shorthaired Pointed/Blue Heeler mix I had. She's a pretty dog. Big for four months.
wow, Florida is a long drive. I was concerned about me being 2 hours away, as alot of shelters/resuces only adopt out within a certain distance from themselves. :)

The only thing that seems to rattle her are celing fans and hearing the coyotes at night, if shes outside using the bathroom.

I will try and get them all together for a group photo tonight..:)

This morning, Kate stole Dakota, my male blue heelers, tennis ball. this is a big no no, that ball is what helped him get over his obsessive behavior with my horses, but she thought it would be fun to play keep away. he humoured her for a moment, and then let her know he was through. :)
What a beauty. I have owned Aussies and they are wonderful loyal and protective.

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