My new (actually old) track loader

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Jul 1, 2004
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East of Dallas Texas
I finally got my first track loader(a Komatsu D31S-16, 1978 model). Its a small machine at only about 14000 lbs but I think it will do what I need done which is land clearing and digging a few more tanks. I wanted a small one so I could haul it with my F250 even though it may take longer to do things with it. Last weekend I found about 30 minutes to play with it and pushed over a few old Bo-darks up to about 6 in diameter. Anyway, I now want to find places (and/or learn how to find places) to get used parts for it. I need a different cap for the hydrolic fluid tank. The one currently on it seems to fit but when I was bouncing along fluid would splash up onto the cap inside and then run down the inside of the cap onto the top of the tank outside where the arm rest is. Within my 30 minutes of use the top of the tank and part of the arm rest had a good bit of fluid on it from this. The local dealer wanted $60 for what looks like a 1960's vintage car gas cap. Certainly, I can find a used one cheaper, but where. Any suggestions?

Other issues I have with it are:

1)I need to find the shop and O&M manuals for it at reasonable prices.
2)The right track is a little weaker in that it will stop spinning if I try to push an immovable object where as the left one will keep spinning. It has a power shift tranny but I don't know if the tracks are clutch or hydrostatic drives.
3)If I try to turn just a little right while pushing a pretty good load of trees it will start to turn and then the right track will stop completely and I have to let off the pedal and re-enage it before the same thing happens again. Suggestions please.
4)I need another lift pin on the bucket left side unless I weld a bolt on the current one to keep it from sliding out.
5)There is a disconnected electrical device on top of the fuel pump. I would like to find out what it is.

I'm looking forward to doing work on it, and with it. Any help and/or suggestion appreciated.
I'd bet there's a rubber ring missing from your cap, cheap enough to try and find one from NAPA before buying another cap.

I don't know anything at all about that model, but it sounds like a steering clutch issue.
sounds like an issue with the steering clutch
and as far as use parts go google used dozer parts and you should come up with several dealers for used parts
I had a list and I will seee if I can find it for track parts and undercarraige try
Undercarraige specialist in OK City

here is some one who might have parts or can tell you where to get them
Zimmerman Tractor 573-378-7210

Russell's Tractor Parts 1-800248-8883

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