My Memorial weekend so far.

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Aug 9, 2020
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NW Georgia
Yesterday, I carried my camper down to the Kudzu place. Got a dude gonna pour a pad in the pole barn, and put in a 50 amp RV hookup, water hook-up, and run a septic line for me. We already have power and water there. Just gonna run a grey water line out to the ditch, but he is gonna put in a 55 gal redneck septic tank for me. The direction we are headed, we gonna have a lot more calves to work each month now. The last 2 years or so it really takes a toll on me when I leave out of here at 4 AM,. spend all day down there working with the cows, then get home midnight or later. Plus will be nice to have it down there for hunting weekends too, in the fall and winter.

I brought Gail and her calves back with me. She isn't handling the heat and insects out there as well as the Corrs do. Zeke goes about every day to put Swat under and around her eyes, spray her with fly spray, etc. But she looks like she is being eaten alive. So I hooked to Scott's 16' bumper pull, and brought her and her calves back up here. I called the gal we borrowed the calf from to put on Gail, and asked her if she wanted me to carry it too. Gail's two half Brahmas get weaned in a month, and when they wean we were going to bring them up here and put in Clays lot at his boss's place anyway. Right now, Clay has about 20 acres in World Feeder/ Bulldog Alfalfa, with 4 of it in horse pasture. The other 16 or so only has his 8 cows or pairs, so we gonna leave Gail there til it is time for her to calve, Those 8 Brahmas all showed bred this weekend, so we put them over in Clay's pasture too. Gonna let the grass in the 15 acres we kept Gail in over at Mattie's house grow a little more through June, then I will take them down there. Next weekend we tag and steer the May calves, and I am taking Clay's Brangus bull down there with me, and just keep him down there. Clay is just gonna AI his cows with sexed black Hereford semen, and sexed red Char semen on his 3 homo for black cows.
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