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Northern Rancher

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Feb 22, 2007
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My son picked out this calf-he was wintered on four pounds of barley and chopped hay in one of the hardest winters in Alberta for quite awhile. I really like his feet and legs -he moves out well. Were trying to get him bought to use on my Lad 20P baldies. He's growing out pretty well for an early May calf onthat kind of ration.
He certainly is deep ribbed enough and the small head is indicative of a bull that shouldn't cause a lot of calving trouble. It is hard to tell because of all the hair but he looks really thick.
He's what? 10 1/2 months old, just a calf. He will be plenty "bull looking" as he grows up.
Heck of a nice young bull! congrats on your purchase.
Very good looking young bull. Any idea what he weighs

What is he, and what do you think you'd have to give for him?

BTW his head is more than good. Maybe those big ole pallet headed bulls work other places but I'll take one like that any day of the week.

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