My helper's evening-in photos.

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Jan 3, 2007
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Northwest Texas
I took some photos the other night, to show what my helper does in a typical evening when I come home from work and feed..

Kate considers it her mission in life to keep my 3 month old foal, Delilah AWAY from the fence..

Dont you DARE come near this fence

Dont make me come in there!

next, Delilah and Kate join forces to convince my mama cat to come down and play..mama was not amused, her ears were back and she growled the whole time.

Then, Kate takes full advantage of our damp enough to create mud arena and becomes zoomie dog.

Around me

Back down the alley to the house

And finally, tired dogs, Kate and her buddy Lulu..who gave up trying to follow Kate's routine about 2 minutes into it. :) I like tired dogs.
I hear ya on the tired dog theory. I have been roading my 14 mo old Lab with the ATV. Man, is she easier to live with. Seems to be making her smarter too(or maybe she is more focused now that she is tired)LOL
Kate's a pretty dog. Ever clocked how fast she can run? And what is it about gates that they are so attracted too?
Cole goes nuts around a trailer. If you trailer an animal he's running in circles going bonkers. We have to kennel him. Otherwise he will follow it down the road.
Bless her heart my aussie is pushing 12 years old. Everytime she works cattle she stays stiff for a couple days and then gets over it. She loves doing it though.
Kate has a blast all the time when shes outside. I enjoy tired-ness. you can tell when they havent been outside, they are wound up so tight and are full of themselves in the house. :)

3way, I swear, exercise makes an animal learn to think. ;-) I see so many folks with behavior problems with their dogs and horses and think..give that animal a JOB and he'll be so much easier to live with!

I havent clocked her, but she can move pretty dang fast, caught a rabbit the other day that was at full tilt..then ate it..yuck.. Lulu used to be about as fast as her, until she got older and fat. :D

xbred, I am not sure..we always pegged her as a catahoula mix..she is real brindle/merled colored on her back legs. and her bark is all hound.. she was an abandoned pup, so have no backround on her.

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